BOB's Classic


In the early 70's Bob and Bruce Kuske, who at the time were in the grocery buisness with the local Peter Rabbit stores--decided to diversify into the restaurant business. They wanted to create a upper scale tavern, which included a full menu to serve their patrons. In July of 1971, they opened the "Little Viking" in East Wenatchee. Instantly a hit with their signature "Viking Chicken" as well as their newly found style they opened their second location in Wenatchee "Little Pedros" in 1973.


In 1978 they decided to rename the Restaurants R.B. MCgregor's (R for Robert, B for Bruce, and McGregor's for the farmer in the story of Peter Rabbit from their traditions with the Peter Rabbit Grocery stores their father had built) and opended their third in Walla Walla in 1979, and their fourth in Bellingham in 1981. After over a decade in 1984 they both wanted to move on to other ventures and sold all four. 


After a handful of years in 1987, Bob Kuske once again decided to get back into the restaurant buisness and opened BOB's Classic in Wenatchee. In 1995 I joined the family business and in 2009 purchased the business sending my father off into retirement bliss.


In July of 2015 forty-four years later, and only hundreds of feet from the original restaurant my father and uncle opened--the new BOB's Classic Restaurant & Distillery opened. Moving once again in a different direction, with the "STOCK 21" distillery; set to start production the begining of 2016.


With over forty years of Wenatchee Valley traditions we welcome you to come and enjoy. We strive to continue to bring you fresh and tasy foods, creative and original spirits, and the best beer selections in the Valley. With a plethora of T.Vs, and comforts galore we are a great place for the whole family.  


Peter Kuske